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Why NuSvara Academy? Why LinkedIn?


Users are more confident with professional information on LinkedIn


  • Drive qualified traffic to your profile by using simple techniques
  • Successfully network with high-profile individuals to increase your reach
  • Stand out from the crowd and start getting inquiries from the people looking for you
  • Get found by people looking for your services the instant they are interested
  • Boost your personal brand while forming valuable relationships
  • Attract more clients and drive traffic to your site
  • Get anyone to find your profile based on your targeted keywords
  • Get a steady flow of profile views by improving your visibility and optimizing your LinkedIn profile
  • Learn to attract high quality clients

There are 414 million members world wide. 124 million members are in United States.

9 Fundamentals to Maximize your LinkedIn


  1. You only get one chance to make an impression: You will learn how to make your profile stand out in the crowd.
  2. LinkedIn is a Search Engine: You will learn how to utilize Keyword optimization to gain page 1 results.
  3. Use Everything that is Available to you: You will learn how to utilize all the features of the LinkedIn profile. You will learn how to export connections to a CRM and import your list.
  4. Be valuable to your connections: You will learn how to deliver valuable content that drives traffic to your website through participating in groups and your activity feed.
  5. Your customers are your best sales people: You will learn how to properly give recommendations of value that will inspire the recipient to generate valuable recommendations for you. We will then teach you how to leverage that recommendation.
  6. Building valuable Connections: You will learn how to utilize all the advanced search related features of the LinkedIn search engine to reach targeted connections. This will include advanced search techniques including keyword, company, and geo specific. You will learn how to get to the desired person by leveraging gatekeepers.
  7. Be Quick, Personal and not Pushy: You will learn LinkedIn Best Practices for sending invitations that work. We will give you pre-written invitations that have proven track records for getting people to connect in a meaningful way.
  8. Know your numbers and use Apps: You will learn how to understand the analytics provided by LinkedIn to assist you in fine-tuning your profile. We will share some Apps that can help you in building connections.
  9. Understanding premium accounts: We will train you on just how important the premium accounts are and how each department can leverage the options available to you.

LinkedIn is Facebook for Grown Ups!

Harry McCollum

President at INS

I had the pleasure of attending one of Sean’s LinkedIn workshops and he demonstrated deep knowledge that will have an immediate and lasting impact on our business. Spending some time with Sean, it does not take long to understand what Sean is about. I can truly say that his character stands out above all else. Sean’s integrity and engaging personality quickly endears him to the people with whom he works.


Bill Fischbein

Insurance Advisor

Before being trained by Sean, LinkedIn was somewhat of a “black box” with regard to how to use it as a tool to make connections and grow my business. With Sean’s help and guidance, using LinkedIn to make connections and grow my business has gone from an unproductive “fishing” expedition in a lake that I had very little knowledge of to fishing in a stocked pond! My network has grown by 25% in less than a month. I would highly recommend Sean as a LinkedIn marketing expert!

Cindy West

PR Operations Executive

Sean brings a high level of expertise and integrity with a human quality that speaks to the interest of his clients and is not self serving. We share a business philosophy that centers around the success of our clients. Sean is the Jedi master of Linked in. Seriously! His expertise can only contribute in building and growing the social landscape of your business.

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