“When you hear something, you will forget it. When you see something, you will remember it. But not until you do something, will you understand it.”
– Confucius

NuSvara offers a range of on-site and webinar based training. We actually teach and implement the strategies we develop to optimize our client’s social business platforms with a focus on individual proficiency, team effectiveness and corporate domination. You and your team will be highly trained digital ninjas.

On-Site / Online

“The following is a list of modules that will be covered during the LinkedIn training for your team. Each step builds on the proceeding and will be demonstrated in real time. This is a hands-on training. Understanding why people use LinkedIn will give your team an advantage. Your team will learn to position themselves in a way that works collectively and efficiently to accomplish your company’s goals.

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9 Fundamentals to Maximizing your LinkedIn Experience

  1. You only get one chance to make an impression: Your team will learn how to make their profile stand out in the crowd.
  2. LinkedIn is a Search Engine: Your team will learn how to utilize Keyword optimization to gain page 1 results.
  3. Use Everything that is Available to you: Your team will learn how to utilize all the features of the LinkedIn profile. They will learn how to export connections to a CRM and import their lists.
  4. Be valuable to your connections: Your team will learn how to deliver valuable content that drives traffic to your website through participating in groups and your activity feed.
  5. Your customers are your best sales people: They will learn how to properly give recommendations of value that will inspire the recipient to generate valuable recommendations for your team. We will then teach them how to leverage that recommendation.
  6. Building valuable Connections: Your team will learn how to utilize all the advanced search related features of the LinkedIn search engine to reach targeted connections. This will include advanced search techniques including keyword, company, and geo specific. They will learn how to get to the desired person by leveraging gatekeepers.
  7. Be Quick, Personal and not Pushy: Your team will learn LinkedIn Best Practices for sending invitations that work. We will give them pre-written invitations that have proven track records for getting people to connect in a meaningful way.
  8. Know your numbers and use Apps: Your team will learn how to understand the analytics provided by LinkedIn to assist them in fine-tuning their profiles. We will share some Apps that can help them in building connections.
  9. Understanding premium accounts: We will train your team on just how important the premium accounts are and how each department can leverage the options available to them.