It never ceases to amaze us how many brands will call and want us to help with their digital footprint and when we ask them to send over their plan we hear…silence. Don’t get me wrong that silence is good for our business, but not yours. We will work with your team to train them on how to develop a digital marketing plan that they can implement. This will be a living document for growth and maneuverability. Clearly defining the strategy is critical. Your team will learn how to get off on the right foot. We will provide a sample of the following areas and discuss how to create these for your brand.

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10 Key Elements of a Digital Marketing Plan

  1. Introduction
    • Summary
    • Need/Goals/Desires
    • Expectations
  2. Strategic Plan Phases Summary
    • Descriptions
    • Outline of Digital Marketing Strategy Phases
  3. Phase I: Social Identity Development /Engagement
    • Finalize Social Account Creation, Optimization, and Designs
    • Develop Editorial Calendar
    • Develop SEM & SEO Strategies
    • Begin Posting Consistent Updates on Social Media Sites / Profiles
    • Develop Content Based on Content Marketing Strategy Recommendations
  4. Phase II: Content Marketing/Community Interaction
    • Engagement with Target Communities Based on Initial Research
    • Ongoing Community Outreach Research
    • Initial Contact with Influencers / Clients / Partners
    • Implementation of Content Marketing Strategy / Recommendations
    • Initiate Email Marketing / List-Building Strategy
  5. Phase III: Advanced Outreach & Promotion
    • Traditional and New Media Public Relations Push
    • Promotion and/or Implementation of Campaigns & Contests
    • Content Marketing Blast and Ongoing List Building
    • Leverage Relationships with Industry Influencers / Clients / Partners
  6. Community Outreach Research & Engagement
    • Specific Groups to Reach Out to and Places to Participate
  7. Competitive Analysis
  8. Content Marketing Recommendations
    • Specific Content Marketing Suggestions
  9. Social Media Marketing Campaign Opportunities
    • Specific Outbound Campaign Opportunities and Timeframes
    • Specific Inbound Campaign Opportunities and Timeframes
  10. Conclusion/Budget