e-Book Marketing Packages

Take your words to the next level with e-books, electronic content that can be downloaded to a personal computer or handheld device. e-books can range from simple, 2-page documents that showcase a short article that you've written, to longer, more complex discussions or interviews focusing on one of your areas of expertise.

NuSvara has mastered the art of the e-book, and can bring that talent to your digital marketing campaign. We combine content that you provide with outstanding presentation and artwork that illustrate your content and give it added impact.

A well-written and presented e-book is one of the most effective tools in the digital marketing toolkit, and affords your audience an opportunity to better understand you, your business, and your talents. It also allows your words to come to life through effective graphics and presentation. Not only do they offer the most professional face to your audience, they become a highly consumable product that can be downloaded across multiple platforms and allow you to capture valuable information. We can also track the who downloaded your e-book and the number of times your book is downloaded to measure the results of our digital marketing efforts.

These products can aid in SEO and PPC campaigns when embedded on the website by drawing your audience in to visit your site and increasing the time that they stay. Visitors that spend more time on your site are more likely to convert into clients. By providing valuable content without expecting a return, other than a name and email address, you have an opportunity to build goodwill with your audience and further establish yourself as a useful resource and subject matter expert.

Some of our work

NuSvara offers three (3) packages for e-book development to fit the needs of your business and the best fit for your content.

Take your blogs to the next level. Our editors and designers take content that you've written, typically a well-written blog post, and expand it into a short e-book of 1 - 2 pages. By adding 3-d imagery, graphics and professional formatting to your content, we create a product that gives life to your content and presents the most professional face possible to your audience.

We convert a longer Case Study or longer blog into a more thorough e-book of 3 - 5 pages, including your custom-designed cover. This more in-depth product gives your audience more opportunity to get to know you and your business.

In this package, we produce your more comprehensive content, such as a podcast or interview transcript or blog series, into a longer e-book several pages in length, including the cover. We provide the same top-quality design services to produce a professional electronic book that you can utilize in your marketing campaigns.

No matter what content you have created, the needs of your digital marketing plan, or what you want to communicate to your audience, NuSvara has the talent to bring it to life in a well-produced e-book.


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