Job Seekers

You Know What Sucks?

When everyone around you is asking ‘What are your plans after graduation?’ or ‘Do you have a job lined up?’ or when you lose a job and everyone asks “Do you know what you are going to do next?” and the only answer in your head is ‘I’m not sure’ or ‘No’ which I’m sure you hate admitting. Worse yet, you have been trying every general idea anyone has ever suggested without any specific guidance and it just isn’t paying off yet.

I've Been There Too

Even if it seems like nobody else is in the same boat, I assure you that you aren’t alone because I too was getting pounded with those same questions. It only takes one time going to a job interview and seeing everyone else sitting there to know that if you don’t stand out you won’t get in. You need to find a way to differentiate yourself from everyone else that wants that job. Think about this for a minute. The best way to stand out is your digital footprint and there is no place that’s more important for you to do so than LinkedIn.

Why LinkedIn?

In today’s economy companies outsource to recruiters and never even list available jobs, because so many people apply. Why do recruiters, hiring managers, and business professionals across the board use LinkedIn and trust the content on your page more than anywhere else? The answer is simple; LinkedIn is a search engine with millions of public resumes. So why would they spend time looking elsewhere?

Why My Training?

I have spent the last few years helping corporate executives and recruiters find the people they have needed to fill the jobs they had available. Now I have taken what I know and put it into a series of training videos and other resources in order to help out on the other side of the table. LinkedIn Training for Job Seekers has the tools to get you recognized.

Here’s what you will get and learn:

  • Step-by-step instructions for optimizing your LinkedIn Profile
  • Prewritten invitations that work for building connections
  • Advanced techniques for generating greater profile views
  • Training in effectively communicating with professionals in your industry to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise
  • Outreach strategies with proven results to grow your network
  • One-on-One interviews with recruiters for relevant application advice
  • A constantly growing list of recruiters for you to connect with on LinkedIn
  • Up-to-date training whenever LinkedIn rolls out a new feature

Next Steps

The training is available so the next move is on you. The way I see it you have 2 options:

Option 1 – Keep struggling along trying to answer those tough questions on your own.


Option 2 – Put what I know to work for you and improve your job search.

Choose Option 1 and that’s fine, I’m chillin’, so good luck.

Choose Option 2 and I am down to help as best I know how.

Oh, and did I mention 'as best I know how' also includes a way for you to make a little money while going through this process?

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Kathryn’s Story

Katie is a recent graduate from Elmira College with Bachelor’s Degrees in Criminal Justice and Sociology/Anthropology. Be sure and connect with Katie on LinkedIn and let her testimony be the bridge to taking the next step in your own career search.

Christina’s Story

Christina is heading into her Junior year as a Business Administration major concentrating in Marketing and Management at Villanova University. Connect with Christina today and follow her example in that it’s never too soon to stand out from the crowd!

Christopher’s Story

Chris attended the University of Kentucky for his undergraduate degree and recently graduated from Villanova University with his Master of Science in Finance. Connect with Chris on LinkedIn and acquire the same value coaching that he found useful in his own job search through the LinkedIn training.

Jonathan’s Story

Jon is an MBA candidate concentrating in Accounting at SUNY Oswego. Connect with Jonathan today and let his testimony inspire you to achieve the same success!