How the Proper Use of Digital Marketing Can Improve the Relevance of Your Association

The roots of associations extend as far back as the Roman Empire when people first came together to form guilds with the purpose of protecting the objectives and needs of trade merchants and individual artisans. Over the centuries, the mission of associations has remained the same; associations exist to achieve the needs and objectives of their constituents/member organizations.

That being said, the way associations carry out their objectives and needs has changed with the development of technology. As a result, associations have had to change their approach on how they fulfill their purpose. For example, the International Trade Association wouldn’t call a town hall meeting to share the latest development of their lobbying efforts. Instead, information is shared via their website.

These developments are the reason why we want to share some ideas on how you can keep your association relevant for your constituents/members through the use of digital marketing.

What to expect from this article:

  1. First, we’ll outline the roles and duties associations must take on in order to fulfill the needs and objectives of their constituents/member organizations.
  2. Second, we’ll share how you can make your association relevant through the use of digital marketing.


Let’s jump in!


What associations have to provide to their constituents/members:

  1. Education and Training: One of the top reasons people join associations is to develop their professional career. Besides member meetings and annual conferences, you need to offer constituents/members consistent education and training. Doing so will give members the ability to learn more about their cause and also how they can implement different strategies and teachings in their career.
  2. Access to Exclusive Resources: People join associations because they have a personal or professional interest in the cause. It’s important to satisfy this need by offering information on the latest studies, developments in the industry, breaking news, and other relevant material to your members.
  3. Proper Representation: Representing the needs of individuals has a stronger impact when individuals band together to form a group, which is why associations exist. Therefore, part of the duty of an association is to ensure that constituents/members are being represented accurately and to the fullest. Furthermore, people often join associations to make changes to their political landscape. It’s the duty of an association to represent policy changes discussed by association members to the government.


Now that we’ve covered the duties associations are responsible for fulfilling, here is how you can achieve these goals and (at the same time) stay relevant as an association existing within the age of digital marketing.


How to keep your association relevant through the use of digital marketing:

  1. Access to Exclusive Resources. Online portals are an excellent method for sharing resources with association members. An alternative is to create an app that contains all relevant updates in one easy-to-use platform. In fact, according to Smart Insights, “more than 80% of mobile minutes in all markets are spent in apps.”Pro Tip: EBooks are another great avenue for sharing valuable information or discussions with your members. See how NuSvara can help you with the marketing of your eBook here.
  2. Education and Training. Annual conferences are often costly and timely for associations and their members. A great digital alternative is to create a comprehensive webinar or a live learning center as a means of incorporating education and training into your association.Pro Tip: If you believe that conferences are the most effective way for you to share education and training updates with your members, think about incorporating online coverage of the conference. This way members can obtain their accreditation even if they can’t attend the real conference.
  3. Proper Representation. Businesses use social media, online advertising, and websites to share information about their brand and its mission. Associations should be doing the same.
    – Ensure your website accurately represents your members.
    – Create a social media page, update it page regularly, and encourage participation on your social media.
    – Create a discussion board where your members can input their opinion on what should be presented to the public or lobbied to the government.
    – Implement SEO and PPC to ensure that your association is discoverable on search engines.Pro Tip: Not an expert at SEO? Not to worry! Click here to see how NuSvara can help get your website noticed!


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Improving the relevance of your association is an integral part of maintaining the health of your association. By implementing the right changes, satisfying the objectives and needs of your constituents/members will become easier! Take advantage of digital marketing to inspire communication and change within your association.


Get started today! See what you can do for your members!

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