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Are you looking to get more action from your fans and followers on social media? Having a presence on social networks is fun and rewarding, but if you aren’t getting the engagement and conversions you had hoped for, you can end up feeling frustrated. Fortunately, there are things you can do to increase interaction between your brand and your followers, and all it takes is a little understanding of how people respond to social media tactics.

Here are a few tips for increasing engagement and social conversions.

1. Encourage Curiosity

If you bear everything in one photo, then your followers don’t have anything to come back for or anything to get excited about. But, if you tease them a little bit for something that’s to come, then you have their attention. Consider showing your audience a sneak peek of a new product or providing them with bits of information about an upcoming event. This will gauge their interest and keep them coming back for more.

Besides who doesn’t like to shake the present first before opening it?

2. Add Time Constraints

People are more willing to act on something when it has a deadline. Adding a sense of urgency is a great way to motivate your audience to respond. Phrases such as shop now, sale ends soon or only 72 hours left are good examples of words that resonate with shoppers and encourages them to take a second look. Plus, people love immediate fulfillment, so knowing that they can get their hands on something sooner is beneficial. Sometimes a sense of urgency is all it takes.

Don’t believe me? Try putting 3 cookies out for 4 people to eat and see what happens.

3. Help Others

As a business, you think like a business. You spend a lot of time talking to your audience in hopes of selling your product or service. But, it helps to take your own goals out of the picture and start thinking about what will be of true value to your audience. Providing marketing advice or financial support, for instance, provides more interest and value than simply selling your product features. Try giving value when there is nothing in it for you.

“Other than a very small group of people, the world is made up of other people.” – John Maxwell

4. Use Visuals

People respond better to visual information, so take time to be more creative in the photos or short videos that you do post. Your audience can learn, interact and engage through this visual content, and it will provide more meaningful experiences with your product, service or brand. Text can be interesting, but it’s much more limited.

I would rather have my customer say it on video than me say it on a simple text.

5. Validate Your Claims

As a small business, you have to show others why they need your product or service. But, as you probably already know, this convincing can get tiring, especially when people are naturally skeptical. Adding in a statistic is a great way to validate what you’re saying and get people to think. Not only do statistics prove their worthiness, but consumer-generated reviews and testimonials are also great social proof. Get your customer saying you are great and you will never have to say it yourself.

I am Amazing!

Actually – I am CERTIFIED Amazing!

My wife says I’m Amazing and she never lies, therefore I am Amazing! – FACT

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