Ten Do’s and Don’ts of Network Marketing on LinkedIn

Network marketing requires tact and navigating your way through the etiquette of LinkedIn isn’t easy. Sending the wrong message at the wrong time can jeopardize your chances of making important business connections. And with a network of hundreds, or even thousands, of potential connections, it’s crucial to maintain a professional image that nurtures relevant relationships.


To help you build connections and maintain a good reputation, we’ve created a detailed guide of some of the most important “Do’s” and “Don’ts” on LinkedIn.

Five Do’s of Network Marketing on LinkedIn

1.  Do personalize connection requests

Your connection request should include the following points:

  • Name of the person you’re trying to connect with.
  • How you know the person you’re trying to connect with.
  • Your intention for the connection.

Here’s a template you can use:

[NAME of connection], your name came up on LinkedIn as someone I should connect with so I just wanted to introduce myself. Let’s connect and explore ways that this connection can benefit one another’s network.

Tip: If you send too many connection requests to which people respond “I don’t know this person,” your account will be suspended from LinkedIn.


2.  Do send a welcome message

Your welcome message should include the following points:

  • How you plan to deepen your connection.
  • What you can share with your connection.
  • Your name.
  • Your phone number.

Here’s a template you can use:

Thanks so much for accepting my connection. If you’re interested, I often like to have a brief call with my new connections so we can get a good idea of how we can benefit each other now or in the future. I would be happy to share [SKILLS]. If you are open to set up a meeting, I invite you to visit my [MEETING LINK] and choose a time that is convenient for you.

I’m looking forward to speaking with you.


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3. Do have a professional headshot

Your headshot is one of the core components of your LinkedIn profile. It’s your very first introduction to those people searching your profile. If you’re serious about being successful in network marketing, whether you’re a business owner or an artist, it’s important to have a professional headshot taken. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

Here are some examples of professional LinkedIn headshots:

(Left Image Source) (Middle Image Source) (Right Image Source)



4. Do stay top of mind

Your LinkedIn connections are probably busy not only with work, but also with dozens of other LinkedIn connections. To create real connections, you have to remind your network that your relationship can benefit all parties involved.

Positively staying top of mind in network marketing means keeping your name on the minds of your LinkedIn connections in a way that is relevant and organic.

Here’s how you can stay “On Top of Mind” on LinkedIn:

  1. Publish relevant content.
  2. Share relevant content/ share their published content.
  3. Like or comment on their LinkedIn posts.
  4. Mention their name through relevant posts or content.
  5. Introduce relevant connections to one another.

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5. Do keep it professional

This may seem intuitive but you would be surprised at the number of people using LinkedIn as if it’s Twitter or Facebook. LinkedIn is specifically for cultivating a professional network and therefore your profile and all things shared on your profile should be kept as such.

Save pictures of your pets and/or food for Facebook (unless you’re in the pets or food business, of course)!


Five Don’ts of Network Marketing on LinkedIn

1.  Don’t send irrelevant messages

Professionals in any industry would agree that time is money. This includes the time spent reading irrelevant LinkedIn messages and message requests. For example, if you’re a professional in the health industry, don’t send news about your Health Conference to a professional in the manufacturing industry. Doing so will hurt your credibility.

On top of this, sending repeat messages to a connection who is clearly uninterested will also hurt your reputation and become a little annoying. Feel out when a connection should be pursued and when it’s time to back off.


2. Don’t add connections to your email list

Adding your connections to your email list is unethical and even illegal in some countries. It can feel like an invasion of privacy. Just because you’re connected on LinkedIn doesn’t mean your network wants to be spammed with newsletters and promotions.


3. Don’t forget to reply to messages and comments

Don’t turn off your email notifications settings. You should always ensure that you’re aware of any messages or comments on your LinkedIn profile. Responding will help keep your business top of mind and show your LinkedIn connections that they are important to you.


4. Don’t slack on LinkedIn activity

Remaining inactive for long periods of time will hurt your chances of staying relevant to important connections. Posting once or twice per week is sufficient enough for establishing an active presence as a thought-leader within the LinkedIn community.

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5. Don’t forget to join industry-specific groups

The success of your LinkedIn network marketing is dependent on two factors:
Your profile and your reputation.

Connecting with the right people in the right group can make all the difference in the world. Research industry-specific groups that are relevant to your job position and then become active within these groups. Doing so will put your talents and expert knowledge in the minds of relevant potential connections and build your reputation as an industry leader.

Tip: Don’t try to push or sell your product or service offerings in these groups. It will not translate well and could hurt your reputation. Sales should be personalized and solicited.



LinkedIn is the ideal platform to make connections, increase brand awareness, build authority, and stay current on industry-related news. However, a couple of wrong moves and your reputation could be damaged forever.

By following these ten “do’s” and “don’ts” of network marketing on LinkedIn, you’ll have the best chance of developing a meaningful list of connections while maintaining an authoritative reputation.


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