Web Development – OLD


We live in a time when a company cannot survive without certain tools and a website is one of those items. Yet website designers continue to push tools and widgets from a one size fits all perspective. Designers want to see a plethora of graphics while SEO project managers want keyword friendly content. So how does a business in a DIY world insure their website design is presenting their brand in the right way and with the right message? Answer: Customized web design.

You don’t look like everyone else. You don’t dress like everyone else. You certainly don’t think and work like everyone else, because if you did then no one would need you specifically. They could just go get everyone else. This is why our NuSvara digital marketing of New York does custom web build based off of your personality and your customers needs.

Most New York web design companies will share with you their 4 steps to building a website that looks like this:

  1. Establishing a scope or purpose
  2. Planning and identifying the process
  3. Development stage of the application
  4. Beta testing and launch of the application


Don’t get me wrong we follow the above-mentioned steps because it’s what comes naturally after we do STEP NUMERO UNO (1). They leave out the most important factor, YOU and YOUR COMPANY’s personality!

So how do we determine your personality? Well that’s a secret so call us. You will be surprised and excited. It is a very fascinating and revealing process.

Our New York website design team build every site to be responsive because we live in a mobile world and your site needs to be there as well. For more information about this check out our blog post titled “Why Responsive Design Is The Responsible Thing To Do”

We also think being realistic about time for our custom web build helpful for our clients. For a better understanding of time please read the blog post titled “Websites Can’t Be Built Overnight. But What’s A Reasonable Time Frame?”

Contact us today and we will tell you our secret. Call us @ 607.428.0551 or email us @ info@nusvara.com