Why Responsive Design Is The Responsible Thing To Do


As the demand for mobile devices increases, so does the need for mobile-friendly websites. So, when asking yourself whether or not your website should be mobile friendly, the answer should clearly be ‘yes.’

You have two options: a dedicated mobile website or responsive web design.

  • Dedicated Mobile Site – A dedicated site is built specifically for each mobile device. The benefits are that these sites are fast, have simple font and graphics and contain content that loads quickly. But, since these sites are specifically built for each mobile device, they are more costly and require maintenance, updates and tracking on an individual level.
  • Responsive Web Design – Responsive design involves one website that is used across all mobile devices. The website detects the screen and layout that it’s being loaded on and adjusts to these settings. The benefits are obvious: one site, many devices. For you, there is only one website to manage, update and track. And, users get the same experience across devices. The downside is that these sites can be slower and more difficult to load.

There are many articles written about the pros and cons to both sides, but the scales are tipping in the favor of responsive web design, especially as the demand for tablets and smartphones increases. You just never know what types of devices are going to be on the market next, and you don’t want to be left standing in the dust. Building separate sites for each device is becoming impractical.

With responsive web design, you only need one website. This means that your main website gets all of your time, energy and advertising budget instead of having to share it with other mobile sites. It’s true that you’ll have to make your site simpler in order to accommodate a variety of devices, but we’re moving in that direction anyway. Modern websites are clean, crisp and minimal, with little distraction. Building a site like this will work well on mobile devices, too.

Let’s review again why responsive web design is the responsible thing to do:

  • Supports many devices
  • Saves time and cost on mobile development
  • Saves time and cost on website management
  • Increases visibility in the search engines
  • Consolidates analytics and reporting
  • Increases sales and conversion rates
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