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NuSvara is an industry leader, providing digital marketing and LinkedIn marketing services. Digital marketing should answer the questions that customers are asking and provides companies with measurable results. Internet software, social media and mobile applications are changing the way companies interact with customers in ways that affect branding, communications, product development and marketing strategies.

NuSvara exists to fill the gaps that are wide open with traditional agencies. The expertise required to navigate social business is rarely located in one service entity. Even those agencies that offer a wide range of services can quickly become stifled in their creativity and ability to offer a fresh perspective to each client.

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NuSvara’s approach is to build relationships with multiple, specialized service providers. We are a hub of relationships that have been built through time and experience, offering expertise not found in most agencies. NuSvara engages multiple creative resources to support a truly consultative social business strategy for each client we serve.

NuSvara’s mobility is our greatest strength because we can confidently say yes to clients who need a variety of services. NuSvara is not about a one-size-fits-all packaged approach to digital marketing – it’s about designed strategy with measurable results.


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Our team



Sean is the first voice you hear when you call the company. His focus is always on education and client experience. This allows our clients to get immediate answers to any question they ask. He has a very laid back, down to earth approach to communication which is a mixture of New York meets Southern.




As our Senior LinkedIn Strategist, Benjamin handles all of our high profile clients. He coordinates workflow and functions as Editor-in-Chief with content management. He is very focused on maximizing the efficiency of our content management process. His skills as a speaker/trainer are a result of his meticulous nature, desire to simplify, and out going personality.




Taylor is a problem solver at heart, and he has an innate ability to understand the problem and develop a solution. These traits serve him well when it comes to developing digital marketing strategies for clients, and he has developed overall social media and internet marketing strategies for multiple businesses and brands with varying backgrounds, goals, challenges, and expectations. Strategies included social media marketing, email marketing, digital advertising, and more.




Alexandra has been delivering high quality creative services for over nine years and specializes in social media and web design. Her passion is creativity and her goal is to use it to get the best design solutions imaginable for her clients. She strives to provide excellent service for each and every project, big or small, and prides herself in working as efficiently as possible to ensure a quick completion.